Honors Cord Program

This program is designed specifically to acknowledge and honor you—a committed student making contributions to our community. 
Our community blood supply is significantly impacted by the 143 schools that host blood drives. More than 27,000 units have been donated - this represents 28% of the total blood collected yearly by the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center (STBTC). We are proud to honor your support with the Honors Cord Program!
How does the Honors Cord Program work?
All high school students who are eligible to donate can participate in the program. At the senior awards ceremony or graduation program, STBTC will award one red cord to each senior who has given six times in their lifetime. 
STBTC will provide chairpersons with a list of student donors who qualify for their award. A chairperson will review the list, verify seniors and return it to us before the scheduled date of your senior awards ceremony. This list will be included in your graduation program. Cords will be provided before your awards event or graduation. If requested, a STBTC representative will be made available to present the Honors Cord to students.
Why the Honors Cord Program?
  • Recognition for saving lives
    • Seniors who have donated six life saving blood products or more have made the difference in the lives of over 18 hospital patients.
  • Rite of Passage
    • Blood donation is a rite of passage. From the free-spirited teen years, to becoming an adult, our Honors Cord Seniors have demonstrated their commitment to community and social responsibility.
  • Inspiration
    • Students that participate in the Honors Cord program will inspire other young adults to donate in the future.
For more information about the program, please contact Donor Recruiting at 210.731.5553.