Redeem Points

We can’t thank you enough for the commitment you’ve made of saving lives—but we can recognize your dedication with a token of our appreciation! 
To Earn Points:
Each donation earns points that may be redeemed through our online store at our Donating for Life donor portal.
  • Donors may use their points to receive health screening tests. These wellness rewards include cholesterol, hemoglobin A1C, and PSA screening. STBTC hopes to inspire wellness throughout the South Texas community by helping donors and their families detect or monitor health concerns that can lead to heart disease, stroke, cancer and other serious illness. 
With these tools, donors can improve their health and that of their families. The South Texas Blood & Tissue Center has partnered with other health care organizations to bring you this service.  For complete details about our Wellness Rewards Program, download the flyer below.
  • Donors may also redeem points to receive a thank you gift. 
Visit Donating for Life to see how you can redeem your points for new recognition gifts. You deserve it!
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