Give someone another holiday

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Help us make moments that count in the lives of our patients. For patients like Demarcus, it's as simple as getting the opportunity to spend another holiday with his family. Your donations help make those moments happen. Give another holiday to a patient in need of blood by helping the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center continue to provide this lifesaving resource.

Look at what our donors give patients:

Demarcus Luna

In March 2017, 6-year-old Demarcus was rushed to the emergency room with a fever of 103 and strep throat symptoms.

Eliza remembers the doctors notifying her and the family that Demarcus had leukemia. Doctors met with the family and gave them a plan on how they were going to help Demarcus beat cancer. He would need several rounds of chemotherapy, several doctor visits, and medications.

“The doctors also informed us that the best way we could help Demarcus was to make sure we donated blood and platelets because he was going to need them,” said Eliza, Demarcus’ grandmother. 

Demarcus eventually would require six treatments of chemotherapy. During this time, Eliza recalls her grandson having good days and bad days. “On his bad days he is crying and upset telling us that parts of his body hurt,” said Eliza. “He wanted to just go back to school and be with the other kids.”

To continue his treatments, the first-grader would need a blood and platelet transfusion as chemotherapy not only destroys bad cells but good ones as well.

“It was literally the gift of life when Demarcus received his blood transfusion,” said Eliza. “Within three minutes, it gave him life back from being weak pale and almost seeming lifeless. He perked up and came back to life asking for food.”

Completing his first round of treatment in the middle of April, the family was notified that Demarcus was in remission. Eliza credited the doctors, nurses, prayers and blood donors for the good news. Though in remission, Demarcus continues to undergo chemotherapy treatments and may need further blood transfusions.

“As a grandmother, we saw first-hand what blood did for my grandson suffering from leukemia,” said Eliza. “We saw what a precious blood donation can literally do.”