Give someone another birthday

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This year we're asking you, our local lifesavers, to help us make moments that count in the lives of our patients. For so many, its as simple as having another day with their loved ones, for others, its celebrating another year of life. Your donations help make those moments happen. Give another brithday to a patient in need of blood by helping the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center continue to provide this lifesaving resource to patient in need.

We encourage all eligible donors to help save the lives of patients by stopping by or scheduling your donation at any of our conveniently located donor rooms.

Look at what our donors give patients:


When Ayden Atticus Frail was just 4 years old, he was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a type of cancer that begins to develop before birth. The treatments for neuroblastoma, as well as the illness itself, create a constant need for blood transfusions.

Ayden, who is now 9 years old, has had hundreds of transfusions in the last five years. His father, Branndon Frail, says he can see the effects of those life-giving transfusions almost immediately. “You can see his energy levels rise right before your eyes,” he says. “We’re always thankful for the support of blood donors.”


For the Estrada family, life was normal until Christmas 2007 when fourteen-year-old Angelica started experiencing headaches and was diagnosed with a brain cancer. Surgery to remove the majority of her tumor left her unable to walk and with no control over her left eye or arm. Physical therapy and six weeks of radiation treatment would follow, then chemotherapy. 

During her chemotherapy treatments, Angelica’s dad donated blood as often as he could. However, times came when she needed blood and it was too soon for him to donate again. The Estradas turned to the community blood supply. In a year’s time, Angelica received about six blood transfusions and four platelet transfusions to help her body through the harsh treatments. If not for generous community donations, Angelica might have never made it to her 15th birthday.

Today Angelica is attending St. Philips College where she is making her way to becoming a physical occupational therapist.