Donor Doc

 The South Texas Blood & Tissue Center is rolling out Donor Doc, a system that will allow blood donors to fill out their pre-donation health questionnaire electronically.

The system, which is already in use by a number of blood centers across the U.S., will help streamline your blood donation and make our Donor Portal more useful to you. Some benefits are:

  • It's simple. The only difference in your donation process is that you may now fill out your survey at the click of a mouse. Computers will be made available to donors to fill out their pre-donation health questionnaire. Our staff will remain available to help you at any point of the process.
  • It's accurate. STBTC donors currently complete an estimated 150,000 paper questionnaires a year. All these paper records require manual data entry and checking for errors, steps that eventually will be eliminated with Donor Doc, as your questionnaire responses are directly entered into our secure system. 
  • It's convenient.  Your health history is automatically updated and available to you via our Donor Portal. The portal will remain a convenient place for you to schedule appointments online, earn points, buy items for our online store and utilize our Wellness Rewards program.