Bike Riders Rally to Support Friend in Need

Blood donors encouraged to come support Tank and other patients in need
May 17, 2018

South Texas Blood & Tissue Center (STBTC), a subsidiary of BioBridge Global, will partner with the friends of Chris “Tank” Dykman to host a blood drive in his honor.  Dykman, a member of a local motorcycle club, was in an accident in early April.  The accident left him in critical condition with nine broken ribs, a punctured lung, kidney and spleen along with heart damage.

The Chris “Tank “Dykman” in honor drive will be Thursday, May 17 through Sunday, May 20 at the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center Donor Pavilion,  located at 6211 IH 10 West.

Friends describe Chris as a generous person who is ready to help anyone in a seconds notice.  To help repay his generosity and to further help the community, they are inviting the public to join them in an honor blood drive for Chris.

Thanks to doctors, nurses and blood donors who donate regularly, Chris survived his injuries but will continue to need multiple surgeries and possible blood transfusions.

Tank’s motorcycle club expect a few fellow bike riders, friends, family and the community to come donate. “This is something Chris would have done for us so we are doing the blood drive in support of him,” said Steve Gonyou a friend of Chris.

As a thank you all presenting donors will receive an in honor of Memorial Day T-shirt.

Community members wishing to help Tank and other patients can visit any one of seven donor rooms in San Antonio or New Braunfels. To schedule a donation, please call 210-731-5590 or visit