Blood Donations Urgently Needed

South Texas being asked to help Northeast states Pummeled by Winter Storm Quinn
March 9, 2018

The South Texas Blood & Tissue Center (STBTC), a subsidiary of BioBridge Global, has faced a multitude of challenges in the first quarter of 2018, including a severe flu season that resulted in many donors having to cancel appointments.  

And now, the severe snowstorms bringing the Northeastern U.S. to a halt presents another challenge:  the need to help provide blood for patients in states where local blood centers are unable to collect donations due to extreme weather conditions.

As a result, STBTC is asking the community to step up and donate blood, both for local patients and for those in other states that are in need of our help due to Winter Storm Quinn.

“During Hurricane Harvey, donors and blood centers from across the United States stepped in to help when additional blood was needed for hospitals in Texas,” said Elizabeth Waltman, COO of South Texas Blood & Tissue Center.  “We had tremendous help and response from other communities and now we can return the favor, but we can’t do it without our communities stepping up to help us,” Waltman said.

The added request comes as the blood center faces a strain on the supply of all blood types, but especially O-negative and O-positive. Having adequate blood available can mean the difference between life and death for car accident victims, cancer patients and other patients. While all blood donations are important, O-negative is especially needed, as it is a universal type that anyone can receive in an emergency.

The South Texas Blood & Tissue Center serves dozens of hospitals and clinics throughout South Texas and relies on volunteer blood donors to provide lifesaving blood components to our community each year. Donors can find the nearest donor room and schedule a donation today by calling 210-731-5590 or visiting 

Donors must present identification. Anyone who is 16 years old and weighs at least 120 pounds (with parental consent form), or 17 years old and above and weighs at least 110 pounds and is in good general health may donate blood. All donors receive refreshments, a min physical and are encouraged to eat well before and after donation. Learn more about blood donation at