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Recent News Articles

December 17, 2014

What better gift is there than the gift of life? While the community is in the giving mood this time of year, the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center (STBTC) encourages everyone to consider donating blood. The holiday season is one of the toughest times of the year to collect blood, and despite the great advances in medicine, there is no substitute for human blood.

Your donation at a blood drive in your community can help during emergencies or help one of many patients with ongoing treatments, such as chemotherapy for leukemia. Here are some other reasons why you should consider donating blood:

Dr. Norman D. Kalmin helped steer nonprofit into the future
December 11, 2014

Norman D. Kalmin, M.D., who joined the South Texas Regional Blood Bank (STRBB) in 1983 and shaped it into the community pillar called the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center (STBTC), is set to retire in December after 31 years.

Under Kalmin’s guidance, the organization changed its name, moved to its current headquarters, expanded into tissue and biologic testing services, supported the efforts of the National Marrow Donor Program, added an umbilical cord blood bank and initiated the nonprofit subsidiary QualTex Laboratories.

“This has been the journey of a lifetime,” Kalmin said. “I’m honored to have been part of growing this company and harnessing its potential in the healthcare industry. Together with a very supportive board and skilled management staff, I was able steer it in a direction I hoped would maximize its impact, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the result.”

December 3, 2014
BioBridge Global is helping to kick off the 10th annual World Stem Cell Summit this week as a co-organizing partner. The summit, taking place in San Antonio, brings together top stem cell and regenerative medicine researchers from over 40 countries, as well as students, patients and investors.
Team members from BioBridge Global subsidiaries GenCure, QualTex Laboratories and the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center will attend panel discussions and learning sessions. They’ll also staff the BioBridge Global booth in the exhibit hall to educate attendees about our services and opportunities to do business with our organization.
Donate blood during National Prematurity Awareness Month
November 5, 2014

Blood donations can help people of all ages, including newborn babies. During the season of giving and National Prematurity Awareness Month, the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center (STBTC) encourages eligible donors to give blood this November.

In the U.S., approximately 41,000 units of blood are required daily for patients including premature babies. In many situations involving transfusions for newborns, doctors request a specific type of blood - CMV (cytomegalovirus) negative. CMV is a common virus that is not serious for people with healthy immune systems and is found in about 50 percent of the general public. However, its presence could cause health complications for these tiny patients. It’s important for STBTC to collect donations from people of all blood types to ensure all patients, even the smallest, have a second chance at life.

October 14, 2014

The ongoing Ebola outbreak in West Africa, which has now reached the United States and specifically Texas, has raised questions about the safety of blood donation and the blood supply. 

Dr. Rachel Beddard, BioBridge Global medical director, shares these important facts to keep in mind:

The South Texas Blood & Tissue Center, which is highly regulated by the Federal Drug Administration and other agencies, already safeguards our blood supply by requiring extra screening for potential donors who:

Present with any signs of illness. Symptoms include: