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Recent News Articles

Approved for treatment of actively bleeding patients when conventional platelets are not available, or their use is not practical
February 28, 2020

On February 21, 2020, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has granted the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center (STBTC) approval to manufacture and distribute cold-stored platelets with a shelf life of 14 days for the treatment of actively bleeding patients when conventional platelets are not available, or their use is not practical. 

Platelets are a key blood component constantly in demand for treating severe bleeding, for example in trauma and maternal hemorrhage patients.   

STBTC, a subsidiary of BioBridge Global, is the first civilian blood center in the United States to receive a supplemental approval to produce cold-stored platelets for use in treating actively bleeding patients through day 14 of storage when conventional platelet products are unavailable, or their use is not practical.

Blood supply still fragile; new and existing donors encouraged to make donation a habit in 2020
January 14, 2020

South Texans responded to last week’s appeal for blood, making 3,229 donations Jan. 7-12 to help re-stock hospitals throughout the more than 48 counties in the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center’s service area. 

But the needs of patients throughout the region are continuing to put a strain on supplies. One major automobile accident has the potential to wipe out the community’s blood supply in just a few hours. Several local hospitals had trauma cases recently that used dozens of units of blood, wiping out inventories.

STBTC is continuing to encourage both new and existing donors to make at least four donations each in 2020. Just one more lifesaving gift from every donor in South Texas would keep patients and their caregivers from worrying about postponing surgeries or missing a transfusion because of a blood shortage.

South Texans have made 2,062 donations since appeal began Tuesday; ‘We are still only one major traffic accident away from depleting our blood supply’
January 11, 2020

In response to a continuing critical need for blood donations, the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center will open all its Donor Rooms on Saturday, Jan. 11 and Sunday, Jan. 12.

Normally, just three donor rooms are open Sundays.

STBTC has five donor rooms in San Antonio, plus one in New Braunfels and one in Victoria. Locations, hours and scheduling are available at Walk-in donations are welcome as well.

South Texans have responded to the center’s appeal for blood donations this week, giving 408 times Friday and 2,062 times since Tuesday. The center set a goal of 2,160 donations by Friday to avoid the cancellation of surgeries at San Antonio hospitals.

South Texans have made more than 1,376 donations since Tuesday
January 10, 2020

South Texans have made 1,376 blood donations since the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center issued its appeal to donors on Tuesday.

This response ensures that area hospitals will not have to postpone surgeries and other treatments.


However, Elizabeth Waltman, Chief Operating Officer of the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center said the blood supply is still not at adequate levels. 

“These much-needed donations have been very helpful, but the usage continues to be high and we are urging our donors to continue to respond to this appeal, and bring their family, friends and coworkers with them,” she said.

South Texans made 616 donations on Thursday, on top of 588 on Wednesday.

January 9, 2020

The South Texas Blood & Tissue Center needs 1,400 more donations by Friday to help restock empty shelves at area hospitals.

Responding to appeals, South Texans made 588 donations on Wednesday, but the momentum needs to continue. On Tuesday, the blood center set a goal of 2,160 donations by Friday to meet the needs of South Texas patients.


“We are hearing from hospitals that unless we can refill their inventories as soon as possible, they will need to ­begin canceling elective surgeries,” said Elizabeth Waltman, chief operating officer of the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center.

The shortages also put the region’s patients at risk – a single major incident has the potential to deplete a hospital’s supply of blood in just a few hours.