March 21, 2017

Branndon Frail, a donor recruitment consultant with the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center, was sitting in his son Ayden’s hospital room early Friday morning.

Nine-year-old Ayden suffers from neuroblastoma, and he has spent many days and nights in hospitals since his diagnosis five years ago. Neuroblastoma creates a constant need for blood transfusions in its young victims, and that constant need was one of Branndon’s motivations for becoming a recruiter with STBTC.

It was still dark outside when Ayden vomited, dislodging a large thrombosis in his nose, spurring bleeding. He was struggling to breathe as the nurses called the on-call doctor for orders.

Branndon knew his son needed platelets. It took an hour – a very long hour for both father and son – for the order to be placed for platelets.

It took just 26 minutes for the unit to arrive.