Give someone another fiesta

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Help us make moments that count in the lives of our patients. For patients like Jaxson, it's as simple as getting to go to school. Your donations help make those moments happen. Give another fiesta to a patient in need of blood by helping the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center continue to provide this lifesaving resource.

We encourage all eligible donors to help save the lives of patients by stopping by or scheduling your donation at any of our conveniently located donor rooms.

Look at what our donors give patients:

Jaxson Martinez

On Sept. 26, 2014, doctors diagnosed Jaxson Martinez with stage 4 high-risk neuroblastoma, a rare cancer with only about 300 cases a year in the U.S.

The Martinez family was told to prepare for at least four weeks of Jaxson staying at Methodist Children's Hospital and at least one year of chemotherapy.
“Even though it broke our hearts to know our son has cancer, he seems to have no idea he’s even sick,” Juan said. 
For the next year, Jaxson underwent seven rounds of chemotherapy, a stem cell transplant, resection (tumor removal), 12 rounds of radiation and more than 30 blood transfusions. Jaxson had a full response to chemotherapy and saw a reduction of 90 percent to the tumor in his abdomen and 100 percent to the tumor is his head. 
“Through his treatment, Jaxson had very little side effects that usually come with cancer treatment,” Juan said. “And to him, at 2 years old, he thought this was all normal.”
Jaxson is now 5 years old and in school. His family credits the support of countless prayers and of the doctors, nurses and many others – including blood donors – for saving Jaxson’s life.  
What can you donation do? Watch Jaxson's story here!






River Laurence

In the fall of 2014, when River Laurence was 2 years old, he began complaining of foot pain and started limping. Then he began asking for help to get up from sitting positions.

River was diagnosed with stage 4 high-risk neuroblastoma that November, and doctors discovered a basketball-sized tumor in his abdomen that extended from his chest to his pelvis. He initially had five rounds of chemotherapy and two major resections to remove the tumor.

River, now 5, still has a long road ahead. “He is not cancer-free, but he is stable and now we’re dealing with the side effects of many of the treatments that he’s gone through in the last two years,” says his mom, Joscelyn Laurence.

Through the course of his treatments, River has had countless blood and platelet transfusions to keep him alive and recover from chemo. During surgery in early 2016, River lost his entire blood volume – twice.

“So many of these kids would literally die if they didn’t have blood donations because that’s what keeps them going, that’s what keeps them healthy.” Joscelyn says.

River continues to need blood and platelets, and his mom hopes everyone understands the importance of the gift they have the power to give.

“If you’ve never needed a blood donation, if you’ve never had anybody who’s gone through chemo who needed blood or platelets, then you don’t know. It’s not part of your world, so you don’t know. But as soon as it is, you can’t unknow it. You can’t unsee what you saw. You have to do something,” Joscelyn says. Even if you can’t donate, “spread the word and tell your friends and family to donate. If nothing else, the basis of it is to educate people.”