Donate Blood for Patients like Aaron

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The South Texas Blood & Tissue Center invites you to offer your support for patients like Aaron Brady. Your blood donations are administered during chemotherapy to help replenish crucial blood cells lost during treatment. We encourage all eligible donors to help save the lives of patients by stopping by or scheduling your donation at any of our conveniently located donor rooms.

Aaron's Story

Aaron Brady is a husband and father of two who loves spending time with his family and in the outdoors. Aaron’s life completely changed in early March 2017 when the left lymph node in his neck swelled to the size of a baseball. Aaron went to see the doctor, and within a few days received the results that he had acute myeloid leukemia. 

For the next several months, Aaron battled the disease with treatment that included chemotherapy. Doctors told the family the only cure was a marrow transplant, so the Bradys turned to GenCure in partnership with Be The Match, to try to find Aaron a match. During his treatment, Aaron has needed several blood and platelet transfusions to keep up his strength.

The Brady’s, along with family and friends, began to host blood and marrow drives in an effort to not only to find Aaron a marrow match, but also to help other patients and families in the same situation.

Despite months of searching, Aaron did not find a perfect match but instead decided to proceed with a partial marrow match from his brother. Aaron continues to fight and get better every day, and hopes that soon life gets back to normal for him and his family.

“The blood and the platelets are key to being able to fight, or he wouldn’t be able to receive his next round of chemo or to have a transplant,” said Aaron’s wife, Carrie.

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