Global Blood Fund

donate_points_buttonBioBridge Global, the parent company of the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center (STBTC), has signed an agreement with Global Blood Fund® (GBF), another non-profit organization, to identify ways to support GBF’s Open Arms Program mission. This agreement will allow STBTC donors to be a part of the Global Blood Fund’s work.

You can contribute points from your Donor Portal account – accumulated through whole blood, plasma, platelet and dual red cell donations – to the GBF by clicking the "Donate My Points" button.

GBF's goal is to increase the availability and improve the safety of blood in the developing world. The organization has provided assistance to agencies in Africa, Asia, South America and the Caribbean since its founding in 2008. That help includes financial support, donations of used equipment, training programs and cloud-based software.

To donate your points, simply visit our online store and select "Global Blood Fund."

For questions regarding GBF and donating points, please contact us at (210) 731-5555, ext. 1936. If you'd like to schedule a blood drive, call (210) 249-4483.